As a Vape Business Owner that supports advocacy and is active in getting people involved in the fight to defend vaping, I am constantly troubled by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be large evangelical army of vapers ready to step up at a moment’s notice to defend their rights. You would think there would be. If you spend any time on social media, it appears that it would be easy to mobilize a vaper’s army for their cause, but that is just not the case. To understand why there is such a disconnect between the vocal online minority, the total number of vapers in the U.S. and those involved in advocacy, you must first understand the different types of vapers. Vapers are divided into categories. For simplicity, we’ll divide them into four groups: “average”, “hobbyist”, “evangelical” and “advocate” vapers. Let’s discuss the categories in order from largest to smallest.

Average vapers are the largest group by far. These vapers are the ones we are all fighting for. They make up the silent majority (they are estimated to make up 97% of the estimated 10 million vaping population). They are the ones we are always talking about and trying to help to quit smoking. These vapers normally shop at convenience stores & gas stations on the way home from work, they vape for a multitude of reason, but the consensus is that they are trying to transition from smoking or reduce the amount they smoke. They are unaware, nor do they care about the war on vaping, the upcoming regulations, or the future prohibition that eVapor products face. If vaping were to become illegal or more expensive than smoking, they would most likely go back to smoking for convenience.

Hobbyist vapers are the ones you normally run into in your local vape stores, cloud comps, and meets. They shop both online and at the local B&M. They build, own multiple devices, a few tanks, and are on the hunt for the greatest new product. They love vaping, but not enough to actively get involved. This group is made up of a little less than 3% of vapers.

Evangelical vapers are passionate and opinionated. They make-up a small 1% of vapers, but are a very vocal minority that are active on social media, at the meets and conventions. These Vapers are the ones that you find in the forums, Facebook groups and Instagram etc…

Advocate vapers are the smallest group we’re going to discuss today. They number less than 600 nationally. These are the active minority of vapers that show up at the state capitals, fundraisers, and political rallies. They are usually the first volunteer to help local, state, and national advocacy groups by donating time or money. These are the guys and girls that are here to fight for every vaper’s right! You can count on them to be wherever necessary to do what they must to help the vape cause.

Once you understand the numbers, you quickly realize that we immediately don’t have access to the 98% of the vape population. They are not going to get involved because they don’t know there is anything to do. And even if they did, it would probably be such a burden that they would just decide to go back to smoking. The answer to the questions of why there isn’t a large, loud vaper majority involved is because the majority doesn’t know there is even an issue. What do we do now? What we need to do, what every vaper needs to do, is to get involved. If you’ve been sitting on the sideline and thinking that the rest of us are here fighting your battle, it is now time to stand up. You cannot sit and watch anymore. YOU MUST GET INVOLVED!

Great! You’ve made the decision to help fight the good fight. Now that you are involved, you’re asking what you should do next? Look at the organization list below. There are many ways for consumers and business owners to get involved. Finally, get two of your friends involved: one smoker and one vaper. There is always strength in numbers. SVBS

joshua-ungerJoshua Unger is a managing partner at Von Vape Premium Label eLiquids. Joshua & his partners founded Von Vape with his partner in Sarasota Florida, in 2014. Von Vape markets multiple eLIquid flavors under it Von Vape,  Courage Vape & Conviction eLiquid brands. Von Vape manufactures its eLiquids at Molecule Labs,  in an ISO7 Cleanroom & lab. Von Vape has always strived to create the highest quality, best flavored eLiquid available.