Google makes billion and billions of dollars per quarter in profit from their paid click-ads network (called AdWords). It is the most successful paid advertising medium that is available online. But you can’t use it.

AdWords specifically states that any products that are tobacco related or simulate smoking are banned from their network. They broadly apply ‘related’ to include anything that is vape related. Even if you position it as though it is an ‘alternative’ to smoking, they won’t let you advertise.

Not only can you not advertise on Google AdWords, you can’t advertise vape products on Facebook’s ad network or Yahoo! (there is an active debate on whether Bing will allow).

With the biggest advertising mediums off-limits, how are you to advertise your products online? Organic search results.

Although Google does not allow you to pay to advertise on their network, they do show results for each and every search that is put into their search engine. That means that if you are searching for ‘best vape juice’, you won’t see paid advertisements on the right side of the screen, but you will get results.

These are the results that you need to be in if you want to build your business.

The difficult part is – how do you get to the top of Google?

With the paid click ads, all you have to do is bid high enough per click and you can be #1 in Google. End of story.
However, with organic search results, it’s not the amount of money you pay that gets you to the top of the search results, it’s the tactical and methodical approach that is used that get you to the top. You just need links, right?

In the old days of search engine optimization (SEO), you just needed to get as many links pointing to your website as possible. Quick and easy. So, there were ‘link farms’ that you could buy into where you would simply say “Send me 100,000 links with the term ‘vape juice’ to my website” and three days later your site had 100,000 new inbound links. A week later, your site was at the top of Google.
Just in case you didn’t know, Google has people working for them in their algorithm department that are smarter than you and me …. combined. They figured out very quickly what was going on and adjusted their methodologies. As quickly as those websites skyrocketed to the top, they disappeared – completely – from Google’s index just as quickly. Their ranks didn’t just drop – the sites were completely deindexed from Google, meaning that they were non-existent.

Every hour of every day the Google technicians are working on refining their algorithm to mirror human actions. They have over 200 different pieces of the puzzle that have varying influence on how your site shows up at the top of the search results. The more authentic and ‘human-like’ the content and linking structure is on your website – and leading to your website – the more of a chance you have of showing up at the top of the search results.

Here are some startling statistics:
• Over 76% of all purchase actions starting with a search on
the Internet

• 94% of all purchase-related searches resulting in a purchase
action within 5 hours of the search

• 85% of all clicks occur on the top 3 search results

• 99% of all clicks occur on the first page of the search results

As you can see, being at the top of the search engines is critically important to your business, and the process of getting there requires a professional. Doing this wrong can have a serious negative impact on your website’s rankings and your business.

I have unfortunately seen many companies who have relied on an overseas SEO firm who charged next to nothing to do SEO on their websites. Their results were not only bad, they were catastrophic. You wouldn’t hire a $8/hour high school student, give him the keys and cash register to your business, and say “Here, you do the marketing. Good luck.” – so don’t do the same with your online marketing. Hire a professional firm with a history of success. It is well worth the investment. SVBS

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