There is one reason why people connect quickly and why some don’t. It’s really an accidental event when customers and sales professionals hit it off quickly. The old school thought is to find a common bond. We have been taught to look at what they’re wearing, or how they present themselves to find the “angle of conversation.” For example, if they are wearing a sports logo, talk to them about sports.

Even with this common bond, they still know you want to sell them something and trust has not been established. There is another myth that the sales community has been taught. It is this… if you know all the answers, your customers will trust you. That is also not 100% true. Only some customers are analytic and want to know all the details.

There is only one way, a guaranteed way, to immediately connect with any audience. This can be one-on-one or to an entire group. There is just one thing standing in your way of selling something and loosing a sale… it’s called fear! This fear is in the form of all those little voices that go on in the customers head, “Is this person for real? Do they care about me… really? Are they in this sale for me or for them?” These voices judge people based on little nuances and interpretation of a person’s style.

I began studying this idea of fear with many sales organizations. It was consistent with all clients and customers. It didn’t matter if it was retail, direct sales or phone sales. Do you think there’s a little judging going on? Also, it was consistent whether your customer was a male or female. They all judge very quickly and it can become very uncomfortable. We developed a tool to help your staff remove their fear, build their confidence and remove the customers fear and replace it with acceptance and open-mindedness.

This tool it is used during the greeting to introduce themselves. It is important to know that it has been used in every sales sector and has received the same powerful results. These results led to higher conversion rates and higher average sales. The sales happened because your staff was able to remove their own fear, build their confidence and remove the customer’s fear of them. This fear is doubt and judgment.

The Science of Fear
Quantum Physics states that two opposites cannot happen at one time. For example, it can’t be day and night in the same city at the same time. I can’t be happy and sad at the exact same time. I will come back to this to make my point.

Fear comes from only one source… the unknown. We fear what we don’t know. Well guess what, when you first engage in any new selling relationship there will always be fear. It is almost always there in the form of the small stuff. Unless you can remove that fear and replace it with acceptance, the customer cannot truly hear or care what you are saying about your product.

Judging vs Accepting
Do you believe the human brain is wired to first judge a person or accept them? The majority of people I ask this to respond “judge them, definitely.” However, human beings are pack animals. We all have a need to belong. The natural position of the brain is to accept. Look at first graders who go to school to meet new kids. They interact freely and are open to each other. We parents teach them how to judge when they meet the first, “mean kid”. The second time our brain goes to their first position is when new kids go to college freshman year. Everyone is interesting and we are open to meet new friends!

Remove their Fear, Build your Career
We have created a tool called an About Me Card that is used to express to others two things: What you can expect from me, and, what I expect from you. In total there are eleven statements that bring your new customers mind into the first position of acceptance. When a person hears the words, “Here is what you can expect from me” their brain becomes open because it is hungry to hear more. Because it is open, it can’t be judgmental (Quantum Physics). When the brain is in acceptance mode it looks for similarity, not disagreement. Therefore, your customer always connects with at least one statement on your card. Once the connection is made they are now able to hear about what you have to sell. SSA

Joe Kiedinger HeadshotJoe is the founder of About Me International. During his business career he has started and built seven companies. About Me International was founded and has grown to be a leader in Employee Engagement, Leadership development, Team Chemistry, Hiring Processes and Communication Strategy. They serve companies large and small throughout the U.S. He is a graduate of St. Norbert College with a BA in Communication. He is the author of The Brander in Chief, published in 2007 and Remove Your Fear, Build Your Career, published in 2014.