We first started hearing about guerrilla advertising and how it could really help small businesses captivate large audiences by creating an impactful marketing stunt while maintaining low spend. As relative as it still is today, the digital marketing landscape has never stopped enticing marketers to create a new strategy that could help propel their business forward. Truth is, a lot of methods in current advertising and marketing can be costly. Being in the e-cigarette, smoke shop, vaporizer or cannabis industry in some way, has also posed obstacles that limit the already challenging effort in marketing making it more difficult to effectively market a business. So what do you do?

These cash-strapped times have forced us to arm your business with more creative cost-saving tactics teamed with a strong need for ideas to counter the budget woes and invest in serious guerrilla tactics. This way of marketing is a low to no cost budget approach in marketing your business outside of current popular digital marketing tools. It is a more alternative type of advertising that relies greatly on unconventional marketing strategies. High energy and creative ideas take consumer by surprise ultimately leaving an impression that is far more valuable.

What’s great about guerrilla marketing now, compared to when it was first introduced, is that the ever-growing digital landscape is adapting to it quite well. Aside from being fairly low-cost, companies now get to be more creative, intellectually, as well as implement campaigns that don’t have to be incredibly complicated.

The best benefit for small businesses is guerrilla marketing campaigns can influence the consumer at a more personal and memorable level. The result is a highly targeted audience from low cost when applied properly. This could be your next step to boosting your business if you’re looking for an effective way to set your company apart from others while earning a solid reputation for being diverse.
Here Are Some Great Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas You Could Implement Today

Your Local Community Is Your Canvas
Adding something to your local environments is a great way to turn heads and kick up word -of-mouth just from generating curiosity. It could be as simple as going out and meeting your neighbors to explore how both businesses would benefit from merging efforts with more a trade-off of services, products or promotional offerings. To step out even further consider turning the outside of your building into something creative. It may take some approval from your property management company, but you could commission a signage company to skin all of your windows with some really cool artwork or vinyl graphics. Exploring more creative ideas, you could cover an entire exterior wall with urban type graffiti art would draw large attraction from passer-bys. Increasing foot traffic is key for storefronts so utilize your entire space, inside and out.

It is important not to leave out indoor locations like shopping centers, university campuses, train or subway stations which have plenty of opportunities as well catch a lot of impressions.

For the truly courageous, you could make a larger impact in the form of an event ambush. Swaying an audience while at a live event, where many people could be reached at once in order to promote your product or service, creates an epic buzz! Unfortunately, this approach usually does not include the permission from the event sponsors. Let’s just say, act courageously.

In House Events
Depending on your business, you could benefit by tapping into the people from your neighborhood and think about events you could have within your own store location. Community social events are a great in allowing people to make a more personal association to your company. Food donation drives, product demonstrations, and loyalty programs are just a few quick ideas to get started with. Free in-house events range from demonstrations, Q & A sessions, proper maintenance or even education you may want to share really goes a long way.

Social Media and Blogs
YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories… Did I get them all? Probably not. There are so many cool new ways to be the face, or faces, of your company and never has there been a better time to get the hang of it. Social Media is adding a new dynamic to marketing efforts and as seen with most times low-cost efforts – it ranks in perfectly for guerrilla marketing efforts. Social media allows business owners the opportunity to throw cool events and introduce your team to the public in a relaxed environment giving a peek into your company’s culture. Also, another strong content tool is live video content as it is in high demand, and it is truly one of the most impactful ways to engage your audience to connect with them personally. You’ll want to incorporate this in every way possible.

Often times the most overlooked opportunity is in forums and blogs. Identify knowledgeable experts and invite them to get familiar with your product or service. If you’re confident that your business produces a positive result for the consumer, then you should have no problem turning popular influencers into brand advocates. One place you may find the most vocal prospects is on the very popular forum Reddit. With unorthodox marketing techniques, Reddit generally tends to work out well for marketers. The platform is completely enriched with huge online content sharing in niche communities. I feel it is one of the best digital watering holes to locate a large audience in one place.

Email Newsletters
Email marketing is so effective and shouldn’t be left out in your low-budget tactics. Growing your email subscriber base will boost your ability to speak directly to your customers, With this kind of communication line, you can keep customers up-to-date on events, sales or promotions, giveaways, education and much more, A quick and simple way to get starts is to offer a contest or drawing for your product or service at no cost. Think about it, with the cost of a sample of the service or products you offer, you build both customer loyalty and your subscriber list. This is only where you begin.

Get creative and focus on providing content value with engaging email newsletters. Consider bringing your digital marketing and email audience together by running a contest where the winner will be chosen by random. Be sure to involve engagement with your business via social media as well. Using unique hashtags and tagging friends helps broaden the reach while they talk up why they want your product or service. Again, for only the cost of one more product or service, existing customers and new visitors will be sharing their experience and how great your product or service is to their circle of friends.

Final Thoughts on Modern Guerrilla Marketing Tactics
Whatever you decide to put into place I urge you to be mindful of the potential for virality. If your guerrilla marketing stunt can go viral online, then you are guaranteed exposure to people inside and outside of your community. It spreads quicker than any other marketing or ad campaign could allow under normal circumstances which sometimes isn’t the easiest to achieve. However, the possibility can be very alluring.

I will let you in on a little secret. Ok, actually it is pretty well known that guerrilla marketing is not the most common tactic. That being said, if you engage in it – you’ll stand out from the competition. If you are a new business getting starting in a densely saturated market, this may be very useful in providing a unique story or distinction from the rest of the crowd.

Lastly, if you are really focusing on what works you may be wondering if this method can be scaled or is measurable. Customer acquisition and increased profit margins will often show through a cycle of time where customers become more loyal and buy more from your business. It’s really important to focus more on essential goals initially through your marketing strategies and set smart benchmarks for business success. It really is not that scalable and it may not be too hard to believe there’s good reason why. Remember, guerrilla marketing is most times limited to local reach and it has the great potential to gain traction with the right strategy in place. SVBS


John Bailey is the Content Marketing Manager for Davinci Vaporizer.  John  brings a wealth of knowledge in many facets of marketing and branding experience to the industry. John loves health and fitness, Doctor Who, dark scotch, hiking, and photography.  Contact him at (512) 954-4630 or email [email protected] or visit www.davincivaporizer.com/affiliate.