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The following new and innovative products can help your smoke, head or vapor shop attract new customers and grow your business. To search for a certain product or company, use the search bar to the right.

420 Chocolate Bar

Looking to medicate with chocolate? 420 Bars are a potent, great tasting, smooth creamy blend of rich locally sourced chocolate and unique flavors known to produce a very relaxing, tranquil, full body melt. Available at 180mg THC in the WA/CA MMJ markets and 10mg THC in the Recreational WA market. It has the ability to calm nerves and… (Read More)

Aqua Beaker and Aqua Pass

Leave it to Randy’s, a trusted name in the contemporary smoke shop industry for the last 40 years, to come up with a retail friendly, smart and affordable product. This hand blown glass unit turns any 510 vaporizer battery into a bubbler or vubbler (vaporizer bubbler). Easy instructions in plan view on the packaging, bar coded. Beautifully packaged in a display box … (Read More)

^CBD Energy Chews

Introducing the HolyGrail ^CBD Energy Chews. This delicious two pack of Energy comes in four moth watering flavors: Holy Fire, Holy Ice, Holy Hawaiian, and Holy Apple. It offers a superior 3+ hours of sustained natural energy and focus. With 1mg of Legal ^CBD from Commercial Hemp, 100mg of Caffeine encapsulated for a sustained release … (Read More)

Culture Closet

The Culture Closet custom gardening systems bring gardening indoors in a stress-free and easy way for everyone. The Plug-N-Grow indoor greenhouse is ready to start producing large and heavy fruits and flowers with… (Read More)

Cone Roller Kit

RYO Cones simplifies cone rolling with the release of the Cone Roller Kit. It comes with the Cone Roller, a Doob Tube™, V. Syndicate™ Grinder Card, rolling papers and filters. Don’t throw away the packaging, in addition the back of the package folds into a grind tray…. (Read More)

“Destroyer” RYOT Ammo Can

Drop it, knock it, bang it or sling it – this case will take the beating and keep your heady safely protected. Within its rugged exterior you’ll find a seal that is impervious to both air and water as well as a double deep layer of pick and pluck foam to provide the perfect enclosure for your custom piece and its accessories. No matter what the terrain, the DESTROYER is ready when you are….. (Read More)

Dream Steam

Can’t sleep? Then vape on Dream Steam™ and become sleepy on the first exhale! Guaranteed to work and 100% natural. The active ingredients wear off in 2.5 – 3 hours, eliminating that groggy feeling. Featuring a 3ml bottle and 1.6ml dedicated clearomizer…. (Read More)

DTM Ultron 150 Watts Box Mod

It is extremely durable as it was dropped tested from 12 feet and still worked perfectly fine. A full battery charged will last you days! It has enough power to even burn green. Drip Tip Master is a pioneer in electronic vape… (Read More)


The Flicwic is a hand held hemp wick dispenser that allows you to conveniently store, dispense, ignite and safely snuff your hemp wick all with one hand. It stores a Mini-Bic lighter and a hand wound spool of the original I-Tal hemp wick, which… (Read More)

Game Changer by Stealth

Introducing the Game Changer by Stealth, the next level in dabbing. Now you can enjoy your concentrate with the ease of an electro dabber, no worries about… (Read More)

H2FLO Herbal Vaporizer

The FLYTLAB H2FLO Herbal Vaporizer features a unique convection system that provides a true vaporization. Once it reaches the optimal temperature it extracts the active ingredients in the herbs and turns it into a smooth, great tasting vapor. By using the H2FLO you remove all the harsh smoke and hazardous toxins that are found with typical combustion methods… (Read More)


For those with style. For those who love quality. Made in California, USA. The Original 4-WAY Quicklock. The Original rounded catch tray. No more cross-threading, no more jamming. Upgrade your Screen. Replace your Screen. The True revolution…. (Read More)

iChief Phone Case

The iChief phone case is a great new way to keep your i phone protected and carry your favorite rolling papers. This case not only protects your phone and hold your papers it also has a built indented tray so your always ready to roll. The iChief case comes in 4 colors and a clear unit, This case fits all iPhone 4’s and all iPhone 5’s and the cases… (Read More)

Max VG All Natural Dripper Line

Big Clouds, Big Flavor, Absolutely Fabulous Max VG, Premium USA made vapor liquids with luxurious 5 star restaurant flavor profiles inspired by World Class Master Chefs and designed specifically for today’s high powered…. (Read More)

Miracle Smoke Gold Reserve 45

Miracle Smoke Gold Reserve 45 gives you the highest quality of concentrated CBD in the category. It is 45mg of CBD eliquid in a 10ml bottle. The Gold Reserve 45 comes in 4 great flavors, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon and vanilla….. (Read More)

Phoenician Grinder

The Phoenician Grinder was engineered by Patients for Patients. The Grinder removes the typical laborious threads and in their place Phoenician engineers developed the worlds first Thread-less Fast Lock-Notch System. Other unique features include a Built in Paper Dispenser (Pull rolling papers out like a tissue), A built in Ashtray, Replaceable Screens with Multiple Mesh Size Available, Diametric teeth….. (Read More)

Randy’s Extra Long Bristle and Soft Pipe Cleaners

Randy’s New Extra Long Bristle and Soft Pipe Cleaners! Expanding on the popularity of our tapered bristle and soft pipe cleaners, Randy’s proudly offers the new Extra Long version. Order by the bundle, box or case! You won’t be disappointed. Too many stores don’t carry this necessary product. Don’t be caught without this smoke shop….. (Read More)

SLX – Never Sticks Grinders

SLX – Never Sticks Grinders announces their revolutionary self cleaning grinders that never stick and never need to be cleaned. The cutting surfaces used in SLX (pronounced “slicks”) grinders are coated with a new, low friction, black ceramic composite that repels even the stickiest resin buildup, WITHOUT the use of Teflon or other hazardous… (Read More)

Toker Poker®

Check out the latest Stoney invention brought to you from the mountains of Colorado! The Toker Poker® is the ultimate smoker’s tool. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. Whether you are rolling, dabbing, vaping or smoking a bowl you will always have your tool to poke, pack, and puff. Its ergonomic… (Read More)

Spark ‘N’ Grind® Lighter Case Grinder

Once again the V Syndicate™ makes it easier to grind on the go with release of the Spark ‘N’ Grind® the world’s first lighter case grinder. Available in a variety of designs, the Spark ‘N’ Grind® fits any standard Bic™ Lighter. When you have some herbs to grind, remove your lighter and grind using the patented grind… (Read More)