The Phoenician Grinder was engineered by Patients for Patients. The Grinder removes the typical laborious threads and in their place Phoenician engineers developed the worlds first Thread-less Fast Lock-Notch System. Other unique features include a Built in Paper Dispenser (Pull rolling papers out like a tissue), A built in Ashtray, Replaceable Screens with Multiple Mesh Size Available, Diametric teeth for the perfect grind; Exterior Lobe Gripping for ease of use and a Beveled Bowl Base for smooth pollen removal.

Accompanied with a life-time warranty the Phoenician Grinder raises the bar on Grinder Innovations with a commitment to the community of doing so again once a year for the remainder of its existence. Phoenician Engineering: The Medical-Grade Standard.

SPECIAL OFFER: Phoenician would like to offer a limited 10% Discount on all orders for the next month. Voucher code: SSADVISOR

MSRP: $65 (Small) | $90 (Medium) | $135 (Large)

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