Over the past 20 years the concept of traditional sales training has generally stayed the same. The same message of greeting, asking open-ended questions, presenting, overcoming objection and closing has been shared in many different ways. The process of clientele and after-sales marketing has also remained the same as well. All these methods at certain times were effective and for a season brought success. However, somewhere along the way we forgot about the customer and now we find ourselves meeting opposition as the bond of trust has been severed between sales associate and customer.

The world has evolved and with it so has the customer. Unfortunately the sales training that we give our sales associates has not been able to keep up with the changing environment. Modern Day Selling offers fresh new insight and is a detailed road map that is designed to help sales associates find true and lasting success by conducting business with the core principles of trust, honesty and integrity. The time has come to move away from sales tactics and back to giving our customers the best service and a memorable experience. Modern Day Selling is designed to help you reconnect with your customer in a unique way that helps you build a lasting relationship based on trust. When this is achieved, sales become easy and almost effortless as your customer base grows over time.

Modern Day Selling is often compared as the new hi-definition and surround sound of sales training to give sales associates a better performance. Within the book you will find fresh insight into understanding the modern day customer with, “The Four Basic Customer Types.” Modern Day Selling also focuses on unlocking your hidden potential by teaching self-management in, “The Power of Self Examination”; “Maintaining Your Passion and Energy” the fuel that drive you to greatness; “Creating a Show-time Experience” showman and seller; “Serving while Selling” a forgotten past-time; “Overcoming Fear” understanding how fear operates, and much more.

barfield headshotAbout the Author:
Brian Barfield has over 18 years experience in the retail sales industry. He spent over 10 years of his career as a successful manager working with many elite sales professionals. Looking for a greater success, he applied his management skills to transform himself into a sales associate selling over one million dollars yearly at The Gem Collection in Tallahassee, Florida. The secret to his success is selling with a passion and energy that creates a show like experience for his customers that keeps them coming back for more. In creating a large and loyal customer base, he has discovered many hidden treasures buried within that helped him unlock the secrets to modern day selling. What he discovered is that over time the customer’s needs have expanded to more than just a professional sales presentation.

The pressures and demands of the modern world have left today’s customers desiring a more fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, sales training in the jewelry industry have not evolved quite as quickly. The days of greeting, asking open ended questions, overcoming objections, and closing are no longer sufficient to fully meet the needs of the modern day customer. Although these sales skills are still very important, today’s sales professional needs a new vision that will set them apart from the standard style of selling. Brian Barfield has dedicated his career to helping today’s sales professional succeed!
How to get the book:
Modern Day Selling can be found on most book related websites around the world in paperback and e-book. The most common places are www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.booksamillion.com, and www.bookdepository.com. You can view the authors’s website at www.moderndayselling.com and email [email protected]