Munchies for Salespeople and Munchies for Salespeople II, More Selling Tips that you can sink your teeth into is easy reading for the busy retail sales professional that needs a shot of inspiration or a quick sales tip. The first Munchies Book consists of 125 one page articles and Munchies II is made up of 140 one page articles with an inspirational quote that coincides with each sales or customer service technique. Brad teaches retail sales people how to create relationships with customer for long term growth, how to effectively clientele, how to handle objections, sell additional items, handling objections, turnovers, and many more techniques. Everything that Mr. Huisken teaches is based around his philosophy that it is vitally important to develop friendships rather than just a sale. The real goal of a sales presentation is to develop personal trade, repeat business and referral business. Retail stores traditionally can attribute 60-70% of their total sales to their existing customer base. Therefore, the name of the game has to be to work everyday, with every customer to increase your customer base. Many retail store owners and managers find the books to be great for their weekly sales meetings, morning huddles with your team, or a tip of the day. Carry this book with you in your car; keep it on your desk or your nightstand. You will find yourself reading this book over and over again.

These books along with Mr. Huisken’s other training tools are available at or by calling, emailing or faxing IAS Training directly. Toll Free at 1-800-248-7703, [email protected], or fax 303-936-9591. Be sure to also sign up for Brad Weekly email newsletter “Sales Insight” when on the website or in contacting IAS Training directly.


Brad Huisken is President of IAS Training, and author of the highly acclaimed book I’m a Salesman! Not a Ph.D., and Munchies for Salespeople, Selling Tips you can sink your teeth into, and Munchies For Salespeople II, More Selling Tips You Can Sink You Teeth Into. Brad is a frequent speaker at retailer events all over the world. For more than 18 years he has traveled to 49 States, 7 Canadian Provinces, The UK, Australia, India and the Caribbean delivering seminars on sales, sales management and customer service. One of Mr. Huisken’s dominate messages is that the day of the Retail Sales Clerk are dead and gone. Today it is the Retail Sales Professional that will flourish. These books will help everyone become the retail sales professional that you want to be and the professional that your customer’s expect you to be.