4Spot Marketing - logo - with tagline 4Spot Marketing, a leading provider of search engine optimization and website design services, has announced today, that to celebrate the success of the Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo and CHAMPS trade shows recently held in its hometown of Las Vegas, they are going to provide Smoke Shop Advisor Magazine readers with a free search engine rankings analysis, as well as a limited time 20% discount on SEO or website design services.

“We value the relationship that we have with Smoke Shop Advisor,” says Jeff Arnold, President of 4Spot Marketing and frequent contributor to the magazine.  “We understand that the smoke shop and vapor industry is evolving at breakneck speed and there are a lot of new businesses sprouting up all across the country.  We want to help these small businesses look great by helping them with a website that is not only great looking, but is Google-optimized so it can help bring them new business.  If they already have a website, then we can help them show up at the top of the Google search results – again, helping them boost their business.”

4Spot Marketing’s websites are proven to be effective in helping smaller independent businesses compete with the big guys, by helping these companies to get to the top of Google’s organic search results, and their results in getting existing websites to the top of Google are well documented.

“Google is an open playing field,” says Arnold.  “With the right combination of website design and SEO work, the smaller independent shops can beat out the big guys in the search results.  With the trend toward mobile and the proliferation of people going to Google first, the shops that make the first move into the SEO realm will have a huge advantage over their competition.  There is only one #1 spot, so that’s where you want to be.”

If you are interested in a free ranking analysis (to find out where your website ranks compared to your competition), or would like to take advantage of the limited 20% discount for SSA readers on both SEO and website design services,  go to http://4SpotMarketing.com/SSA.