Honeycomb Screens are the pinnacle of glass screen technology.

The round design allows for maximum contact against the bowl allowing the tar to “cement it in place”. It only comes out when you tell it to. Honeycomb Screens improve air flow over the entire bowl resulting in an even burn all the while holding back the ash, keeping your pipe and your mouth cleaner. Flat, round, 2mm thick glass with diameters from 7-9mm makes our screens low profile, durable, customizable to any pipe and an easy sell. We’ll provide POS material to create customer interest to help sell screens every time. You can increase your sales by at least 10 percent just by having them available.

We created a larger version of the Honeycomb Screen to build into our slides and bats. Our slides will make sure that water stays cleaner and less material is wasted. Since the air flow is so superior, you will have to train your customers to stop lighting every time.

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Since the creation of the Honeycomb Screen, we have also collaborated with various Vape pen companies to eliminate combustion in their dry herb atomizers. Otherwise, you might as well be selling one of our bats, because you aren’t truly vaping without the Honeycomb Screen.

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Interested in custom sizes? We can do that, too, since Honeycomb Screens are proudly made by hand, solely by Blazing Blue Glass in the USA.

So go ahead and put the “old” screens on sale because no one is going to want them anymore. Don’t believe us? Ask one of the 1000+ stores worldwide that already sell Honeycomb Screens.

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