New Sign Banner

Louisville, KY – A NEW SIGN aims to rebrand America’s favorite plant with a smart, science-based emblem to fit the changing times.

Smoke shop owners bear witness to people across the nation speaking with their vote and their wallets—legalization is now favored by nearly three quarters of young adults.  A New Sign recognized the desire for an icon to express this growing spirit of acceptance and demand for respect.

“The leaf has been around since the 1960’s,” says William Call, spokesperson for A New Sign.   “This new flower symbol retains all of what is good and positive from that time, but reframes it with scientific authority for the present.”

Botanists can depict a particular plant by the unique construction of its blooms.  The method represents not just an outward appearance, but references how humans relate to and make sense of a plant. “And everyone knows the bud is the best part—it’s where the plant puts its energy and its essence,” declares Call.

Call describes the immediate success of A New Sign as similar to the business model of a plant: Produce flowers to attract passing wildlife and the contact will empower both parties. Their sign has become a badge of recognition.  State by state, people understand it just makes sense.

The striking design is available on 100% cotton t shirts (in sizes from small to 2XX), adjustable caps, and waterproof stickers. Building on the positive response received from smoke shop owners looking to expand their focus with a contemporary, signature line, the company plans to introduce more branded goods in the future.  Items are currently available for wholesale purchase.  An ecommerce website is also in the works.

See the sign and realize the movement.  Visit, email [email protected], or call 502-585-3358 for more information.