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Formally known as the “Ganjah Ninjah”, the Toker Tool is a must have for any 420 Enthusiast.  Constructed from premium steel, the Toker Tool is an all-inclusive Smoker’s Gadget that fits in your wallet for easy access during your 420 activities.

Equipped with all the must-have smoking necessities, the Toker Tool includes a bowl cleaner, multi-sized joint holder, Nail Remover / Taster puller, Emergency dab stand, Blunt Splicer, Bottle Opener, Shredder / Chopper and Scooper.

Conveniently sized to fit with your credit cards in your wallet, never again will you have to fumble around for any smoking tools, or forget where you put your goods; with the Toker Tool, everything you need are available on this handy contraption.  Check out and get your Toker Tool for just $9.99.

Don’t Toke without it!

toker tool image 2