Chanhassen, MN – Narrow Web label printing system leader Afinia Label offers the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective Vape Juice label printing systems.

Mike Atkins, Afinia Label’s National Sales Manager remarked, “Many companies in the Vape Juice industry purchase more printed labels than needed to meet their required cost per label. This means dealing with long lead times and a lot of scrapped label inventory, if the label content needs to be changed. Other companies print labels in house, but spend too much time and money on small inkjet printers that consume tiny, expensive ink cartridges.”

Atkins continues, “This is where Memjet technology can very beneficial. Our most popular bundle for the vapor industry is the L801 Label Printer and SR100 Label Slitter-Rewinder. This offers incredible speed, and a low cost per label.”

The Afinia Label L801 is powered by Memjet technology, prints at up to 60 feet per minute, and has an industry-leading ink cost of a fraction of a cent for a 1” x 2” eJuice label, with 75% ink coverage. This can be up to 80% less than the cost of other inkjet label printers. 1” x 2” (15mL) Vape Juice labels can be printed seven-at-a-time (2,500 per minute) on the Afinia L801.

The SR100 Label Slitter-Rewinder takes the rolled labels printed on the L801 and slits them into individual rolls at almost 200 feet per minute.

For larger operations that want to do uniquely shaped labels on demand, the L801 can be combined with the DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher. The DLF-1000 automatically laminates, digitally die cuts, removes matrix, slits, and rolls labels.

For maximum production, Afinia Label’sDLP-2000 Digital Label Press is a complete, in-line system that prints, laminates, semi-rotary die-cuts, removes the waste matirix, slits, and rewinds roll labels at 30 feet per minute. The DLP-2000’s rotary die-cutting system creates finished label rolls with uncompromised backing and can even create perfect perforations for safety tabs. These labels are very reliable when used with inline label applicators and avoid line stoppages caused by punctured backing.

Afinia Label emerged as a digital label printing system leader in 2012 when they collaborated with Memjet to create a commercially viable narrow web label printing solution. Afinia Label is now one of the largest distributors of Memjet-based label printers in the world.

Afinia Label is a division of Microboards Technology LLC, is a leader in specialized printing solutions. Their twenty-year history includes leadership in disc duplication, 3D printing and, most recently, digital label printing. More information can be found at, Twitter or by phone at 1.888.215.3966.