Los Angeles, CA – Since its inception in 2010, Smoke + Vape at ASD has continued to grow year after year. Today, Smoke + Vape offers over 300 vendors specializing in smoke accessories, e-cigarettes, vapes, tanks, mods, hookahs, e-hookahs, lighters, pipes, enhancements, e-liquids, herbal supplements, papers, and more.

“Overlook ASD Smoke + Vape, and you are guaranteed to overlook the latest and greatest trends in the industry,” says David Bertelsen, Show Director. “It’s grown into a must-visit smoke show that buyers are now factoring into their yearly trade show schedule. They simply cannot afford to miss it.”

To really understand how Smoke + Vape became such a success however, one must look beyond its vendors alone. “Buyer experience is top priority at ASD and a key element to our continued success,” says Camille Candella, VP of Marketing. “Exposing buyers to the highest quality vendors who offer the most relevant merchandise at the right price points, while staying current with industry trends, is really important. But the smoke industry craves more.”

Indeed it does. The key is to unfold and bring to light what was once considered an underground culture and treat it for what it is today – mainstream. At ASD, Smoke + Vape is recognized as such both on-site and online. On ASD’s Insider blog, Smoke + Vape has its own dedicated space where readers can find helpful industry insider tips, forecasts and trends, such as ASD’s Definite Guide to Smoke + Vape. “With this medium, ASD offer readers original and useful content that constantly engages – which is key to keeping an audience interested and wanting for more,” continues Candella.

The upcoming Smoke + Vape show at ASD boasts some of the top players in the industry: Starbuzz, Global Tobacco, Smoke Tokes, JJuice, Tasty Puff, Kretek, Gallery, Hookah G, HBI Intl, Aspire USA / Uvaper, Republic Tobacco, Beard Vape, Kush Rolling Papers and 420 mints.

Show dates are February 28 – March 2, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Register for free today at www.asdonline.com.

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