Venice, CA – Beard Vape Co. is far from being like any other juice company.  In a line up of thousands of e-liquid brands, Beard Vape Co’s iconic logo, collectable labels and top selling flavors will stand out 10 out of 10 times.

Beard Vape Co has developed unique labels for different areas of the world including the UK, Florida and now the entire United States. This newest Americana label is distributed exclusively for Beard by Wolfpack Wholesale.

Both of these powerhouse vape companies are icons in the industry and are quintessential American brands.  So when they collaborated on a new, limited edition label, the Americana label and Beard for President campaign were born.

Not only does the label provide a unique point of difference in the market for the consumer, it also provides an exciting marketing campaign during a crazy election year.

So be sure to contact Wolfpack Wholesale today to stock up on this collectors edition label.  And follow Beard Vape Co on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to keep up with all the fun antics during the election season.