Meet the Roll-uh-bowl™. Made in the USA from medical-grade silicone, the Roll-uh-Bowl™ can be easily stowed in your pocket, pack or purse, making it the perfect companion for your travels – whether you are going hiking, skiing, camping or simply want a highly portable, unbreakable solution for medicating on the go, such as at concerts or parties, the Roll-uh-Bowl™ is for you!

When you’re ready to hit it, slip off the band, and the Roll-uh-Bowl™ springs into action.  Slide in the down stem and eject-a-bowl, which fit snug in the carb hole.  Pour in some water.  Spark it up & inhale.  The eject-a-bowl slides out of the down stem to clear your hit.  Cash out the eject-a-bowl by pushing down on the spring-loaded bowl.  When you’re done, pour out the water, take the down stem and eject-a-bowl out and put them back into the Roll-uh-Bowl™, then fold it over and slip back on the band.  The band keeps the bowl and down stem secure in place while you’re off on your adventure.

Roll uh bowl image

But wait….There’s more!  Fancy a dab?  Simply slide the grommet and spring off the eject-a-bowl and invert the bowl piece, and you have the perfect housing for a 14mm or 18mm domeless nail, and you’re ready for Roll-uh-Dabs on the go!

Back from an epic adventure and want to give your Roll-uh-bowl™ a rinse?  It’s super easy to clean!  Simply remove the bowl and down stem and put the Roll-uh-bowl™ in the dishwasher, or rinse it off with warm soapy water.  Clean and ready for your next outing.

The Roll-uh-Bowl™ is compact, portable, durable, lightweight and it delivers big rips!  Available in a variety of colors, including Glow in the Dark, Check out and get Smoky Bubbles Anywhere.