When it comes to silicone water pipes, Roll-uh-Bowl® is without a doubt the OG.  They are the pioneers of the silicone smoking pipe market, which has subsequently had many followers and imitators, since they invented their foldable & portable water pipe, The Roll-uh-Bowl®.

But none of the other silicone water pipes on the market can match the innovation of Roll-uh-Bowl®, and they have now expanded their flagship pipe line.

Introducing the BiG RuB by Roll-uh-Bowl®: Bigger Body. Bigger Bowl.  Bigger Rips.  The BiG RuB is stronger, larger & thicker in size, has a suction cup base and comes equipped with a newly refined King-sized Eject-a-Bowl, which is made out of stainless steel.

The innovative features and benefits of the original “OG” Roll-uh-Bowl® — such as its ability to fold up and its unique bowl design that enables you to invert the bowl to hold a nail for on-the-go dabs — are still there.  The BiG RuB is made from a strong silicone that is thicker, yet still bendable enough for easy travel storage, and you can still flip the king bowl upside down to turn it into a rig for dabbing.  The BiG RuB has the added benefit of a suction cup base, which comes in handy when it’s your clumsy friend’s (or your) turn in the rotation.

Standing at 12” (compared to its 8” OG little bro), the BiG RuB comes equipped with a King-sized stainless steel Eject-a-Bowl that packs about twice the amount of flower as the original bowl.  The King bowl has a nice weight to it and still has the convenience of the eject-a-bowl feature, which allows you to easily cache out the ashes with the flick of your thumb.

The BiG RuB is a natural extension to Roll-uh-Bowl’s line of trendsetting products.  Rather than replacing the OG, the BiG RuB is perfect for those who like the feel of a more traditional bong, but are tired of breaking (yet another) glass piece.  But with its flexible design, the BiG RuB can still fold up and accompany the OG Roll-uh-Bowl® on a camping or road trip.  After all, it is nice to have options.

Roll-uh-Bowl® is the #1 selling silicone water pipe, is made in the USA and has Patents filed.  Foldable, portable and indestructible, Roll-uh-Bowl® delivers big rips and has been featured in many publications such as High Times, The Huffington Post, Outside Magazine, and theCHIVE.  For more information visit www.Rolluhbowl.com