Tempe, AZ – BNG, parent company of Herbal Clean QCarbo same day detox, announced a MAP Policy in 2017 to ensure the investment in its brick and mortar retailers. In addition to announcing the MAP Policy, BNG is policing a strict enforcement of this policy on online all 3rd party marketplaces as its first line of defense.

BNG is committed to the relationships we forge with our retail stores. Because of this, we go to grave lengths to keep the integrity and brand authority by enforcing a strict MAP Policy with all of our retailers. Whether online or in a retail store, Herbal Clean products will always be advertised at the published Minimum Advertised Price or higher; this ensures the investment for all of BNG’s retail sources who provide valuable education, product assistance and support to their customers. This also prevents authorized sellers from entering price wars, allowing them to compete with other factors, such as better customer support and a great buying experience, instead of worrying about rogue sellers undercutting their competitors focusing on short term profits. This policy allows the Herbal Clean brand to be less of a target.

BNG has partnered with MarketTrack, a company that tracks and enforces all pricing on various online marketplaces. Together, we monitor listings and identify those who are violating the MAP Policy. When a 3rd party seller is in a pricing violation, notices are sent to the responsible party. Typically, a listing will correct the violation after the first notification. Herbal Clean has a no tolerance policy, which means the violator will no longer be able to purchase or sell Herbal Clean products on a go forward bases. When a seller receives its 3rd violation, a cease and desist letter will be issued via certified mail and the relationship will be terminated.

In addition to our MAP Policy, BNG also published Brand Protection Policy that states no Distributors can sell on any online marketplaces or resell to retailers who sell online. BNG takes aggressive and swift enforcement against violators and issues a Do Not Sell list which sends a strong signal to its Distribution Partners that BNG is serious about protecting the value of the brand and supporting their sales and marketing efforts. Over the last year, BNG has ended relationships with such distributors that violate this policy, which should pay dividends for years to come.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Carter Frey at 602-680-1657 or email at [email protected]