Grover, North Carolina – International Distribution & Management, LLC, an affiliate of Cheyenne International, and a proud distributor of tobacco products, has crafted an inimitable line of vapor styles with Bodyshot Vapor Liquid.

Offered in three nicotine variations and seven tantalizing cocktail-inspired flavors, Bodyshot 10mL Vapor Liquid is a premium product that is making clouds above the horizon of competitors by delivering straight up flavor with a straight up vapor liquid.

Bodyshot Vapor Liquid is proudly made in the USA under strict manufacturing processes by vape experts with decades of experience to ensure that the vapor liquid provided is one of the highest quality vapor products on the market. With flavors like Sangria, Trance, Rum & Cola, Whiskey, Mojito, Tobacco and Menthol, each Bodyshot Vapor style has the perfect blend of unmatched, proprietary, adult-friendly selections that are fitting for any occasion.


Bodyshot Vapor is available in an attractive 120 bottle shipper display with each nicotine variation and flavor creating a rainbow of options from top to bottom. Distributors and retailers alike are pleased to give adult consumers a unique, USA-made, 100% guaranteed product that stands above other brands.  Get the shot that everybody deserves and get Bodyshot Vapor Liquid.

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Company Information:
International Distribution & Management, LLC is an affiliate of Cheyenne International, LLC and a proud distributor of tobacco products. Bodyshot Vapor Liquids are made to high quality standards in North Carolina, the heart of American tobacco country.