NEW!!! – Honeycomb Screens now come in colors! They’ll catch the eye of every customer wanting to enhance the performance of any piece they purchase. These glass screens stay in place, improve airflow allowing for an even burn, while holding back ash and tobacco keeping your pipe and mouth cleaner. Since they come in various diameters, Honeycomb Screens can also be custom fitted to use in the dry herb chamber of vaporizer pens to eliminate combustion. They’re the best glass screen…ever!

Colored Screens
Honeycomb Slides and Bats now come with assorted colors of built in screens, too. This gives you an even larger selection to offer customers looking for the benefits of the Original Honeycomb Screen. Honeycomb bats are known for their sharable yet discreet sizing, being easy to clean and affordably priced. Honeycomb slides are available in 14mm and 19mm with both male and female joints. You get an even burn with increased airflow while minimizing ash and product loss. High quality Lenz joints ensure our slides are a perfect fit!

Honeycomb Crutch
Honeycomb Crutches provide all the benefits of the honeycomb screen as a filter and mouthpiece for your cigarette papers. Small and large diameters available and priced the same to accommodate your customers’ size preferences. They’re reusable, easy to clean, and no tobacco is wasted. These tips give you a smooth pull every time!
Honeycomb screens are proudly made by hand in the USA. For more information, please contact Blazing Blue Glass at 803-575-8179 or email us at [email protected] Visit our website at to view products and see our current list of retailers. Wholesale and Distributor sales only. Free Point of Sale material is provided to ensure your success with selling Honeycomb Screens.