Several years ago, the Obama Administration—through executive action—began regulating the sale of various types of firearm ammunition. Consequently, due to a prevailing fear among gun owners that the aforementioned ammo might either soon be in short supply or out of stock entirely, many shoppers began stockpiling ammunition. So, instead of regulation hindering the sale of ammunition—in the short term scheme of things—we actually saw a dramatic increase in overall purchasing.

Enter the deeming regulation of vaping products. While it is without question that much of what is being proposed by the FDA will ultimately have an adverse impact on the industry, what transpires over the first several months might influence the owners of vape stores to spend massive amounts of money with e-liquid manufacturing companies to ensure they have exhausted as much of their resources as possible before the regulatory sphere interferes with their bottom line. In turn, consumer behavior will very likely be tantamount to gun owners who stockpiled ammunition in years past. The worst case scenario would be having this industry turn into a profitable black market akin to the prohibition of alcohol because the reality is vaping is not going anywhere. So, whether it’s ammo or e-liquid, regulation may not always affect the change regulatory agencies seek to implement. In the meantime, join the fight to preserve vaping as a viable smoke-free alternative by becoming active with SFATA, CASAA, and other advocacy groups.