With the same great taste, ceramic purity and precision temperature control that they are known for, DAVINCI will be introducing a product which is 31% smaller than their previous product, offers the ultimate in discretion, and focuses on a fully functional adjustable oven.

“We never stop innovating”, stated Cortney Smith, founder and CEO. “After the IQ launch, we were getting feedback that our fans wanted the ability to effectively use less cannabis, in a smaller device. We took that design challenge head on and are excited to launch this new product’.

With this product DaVinci focused on the ever-changing landscape of loose leaf consumption. Now more than ever people are using cannabis in different ways, whether be it a small amount to insight creativity or a larger amount to help with insomnia. They are keen to this, in their newest product and campaign, they are breaking down stigmas and encouraging people to “explore your life in miqro steps”.

Let’s discover what DAVINCI has designed in the MIQRO.


  • Most precise temperature technology available within +/- 1 degree.
  • Removable / rechargeable battery
  • Zirconium ceramic vapor path for ultimate purity
  • Adjust oven size by 50% for miqro-dosing
  • 31% smaller than predecessor product for ultimate discretion
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty

Price: Beginning at $149 USD.


About DaVinci

Like their namesake, DaVinci seeks to challenge the limits of conventional wisdom. They rethink, reimagine & reshape the world around them.

DAVINCI honors true innovation legacy by crafting the best vaporizers on the market. Driven to elevate purity in vapor production and empower you with absolute control over your experience.