Daughters & Ryan, Inc. is very excited to announce six new boutique tobacco e-liquid blends with four levels of nicotine per blend – 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.  Our Prestige Series E-Liquids are based on D&R’s most popular tobacco brands.  The premium tobacco e-liquids are Cockstrong, Picayune, Ramback, Rowland, Windsail, and Wingate Menthol.  D&R has formulated these tobacco blend e-liquids with leading flavorists and tobacco experts.  Industry-leading laboratory standards give D&R the ability to consistently meet the quality demands of clients.  With over six decades of experience our laboratory partner is setting the standard for excellence in flavor formulation, e-liquid production, and tobacco extraction.  “We painstakingly worked with Purilum to develop accurate flavor profiles of our top selling tobacco brands,” says Mark Ryan, owner of D&R Tobacco. “Using our own premium tobacco blends for tobacco extraction, our Prestige Series E-Liquids unequivocally capture the flavor essence and varietal leaf character of each popular blend style.  Cockstrong is a U.S. blend, Windsail is a Virginia blend, Ramback is an Oriental blend, Rowland is an American blend, Picayune is a Perique blend and Wingate is a Menthol blend.  Our combination of brand recognition and range of tobacco blend flavors will appeal to every discerning adult vape consumer and enhance the profitability for every retailer.” All 24 D&R Prestige Series E-Liquids are made in the USA.

D&R e-liquids are available in 30ml glass bottles with a glass eyedropper screw top.  Each is individually boxed and packaged six boxes in a case. “We designed very distinct, original box art for our premium tobacco e-liquids,” said Mark Ryan, “We want strong brand recognition from every vape consumer that enters your store or visits your website.”  The individual boxes are printed to look like mini tobacco curing barns with a top that is folded to create a pitched roof.  Case boxes continue the tobacco barn theme and can be folded into a small display box that holds six individual boxes.  D&R pulled out all the stops when we designed our custom built e-liquid display for retail countertops.  It is high quality, heavy duty, extremely attractive, and attention grabbing.  Made of metal and acrylic, it has a small footprint, yet, is very stable.  It reinforces the tobacco barn theme and prominently displays all of the D&R boutique tobacco e-liquids in an eye catching manner.  There is inventory storage located on the back side of the display.

For more information about ordering Cockstrong, Picayune, Ramback, Rowland, Windsail, Wingate, Prestige Series E-Liquids from Daughters & Ryan, Inc., please contact Customer Service Specialist Gloria Nowell or David Glover by phone: 919-284-2058 or email: [email protected], [email protected],  or by mail: Daughters & Ryan, Inc.  P.O. Box 609, Smithfield, NC  27577. Visit us at www.drtobacco.com.