duratrue logoWauwatosa, WI – Over the past 3 years the market has been flooded with ecigs and eLiquids. There are thousands of flavors, different nicotine levels and many different bottle options. All claim to be different in some way or another, but are they really?

In an effort to create a new product category in the vape market, DuraSmoke has created a new extract line called DuraTrue. Unlike the great tasting engineered eLiquids of DuraSmoke, this product is actually made from real tobacco through a patent pending extraction process. It is the only liquid on the market that tastes identical to a cigarette.

This product was created to fill a huge need in the industry. There are over 42 million legal aged smokers in the US today, and most of them are looking for a better alternative. DuraTrue provides the exact same taste of a cigarette, with only a fraction of the components found in a cigarette.

DuraTrue is sold in an all-in-one kit and as an available refill 15mL bottle. Each kit and bottle is the equivalent to 15 packs of cigarettes based on number of puffs. The kit retails for $34.99 and the 15mL refill bottle is $14.99. Those numbers alone give enough reason for a current smoker to try DuraTrue.

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DuraTrue was created for the current smoker that is looking for a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. Most current vapors have become accustomed to great tasting eLiquids… and this is not that. DuraTrue tastes identical to a cigarette, a taste most vapors have been trying to get away from.

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DuraSmoke is an ISO 9001:2008 and cGMP manufacturer of eLiquid and one of the largest manufacturer’s in the United States. The facility is located in Wauwatosa, WI and more info on products and services can be found at: www.DuraSmoke.com
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