Vapor company supporting Federal challenge to Indiana legislation

 DARIEN, CT. – E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) takes a stand against the onerous legislation in Indiana, affecting the vaping community and businesses alike. EAS has been following the events in Indiana since the beginning of the proposed legislation, advocating against the unorthodox approach to the vapor industry.

“We believe in responsible regulation of our industry, but the legislature has clearly over-stepped this with the extreme stance it has taken in regulating our right to do business in Indiana,” explained Jacopo D’Alessandris, President of EAS. “Despite taking significant steps to comply with all aspects of the new legislation, we are still not able to do business in the state due to the overbearingly stringent security firm requirements. We want to ensure that the industry has a fighting chance to thrive and that consumers have the freedom to vape, and cannot in good conscience permit such a restrictive rule to remain uncontested.”

Before the state of Indiana passed HEA #1434, a law that could create a dangerous precedent for other states, EAS proactively worked to shape the legislation with regulators in charge of writing the rules – with the goal of making sensible regulations for the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, the regulators ignored many of EAS’s requests to compromise.

The legislation, which went into effect July 2016, put into place expensive, burdensome manufacturing and security protocols that make it nearly impossible for vapor companies to do business in the state. The legislation is aimed primarily at e-liquids used in “open-system” products, while favoring cig-a-like “closed-system” products with limited or no regulation at all.

To combat this burdensome legislation, EAS has joined the Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition, a group who’s focus is promoting the interests of the industry by advocating for reasonable and responsible laws and regulations. EAS will financially aid the Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition in its legal process against Indiana HEA #1434.

Visit to learn more about the Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition and its Federal challenge to the Indiana State Legislation.

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