Miami, FL. May 1, 2016 – International Vapor Group, Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary Eversmoke a global provider of manufacturing, distributing in the electronic cigarettes industry announced today the transition of the Eversmoke brand to VaporFi. “We’re very excited about shift in the vaping industry and have chosen the leading brand Vaporfi to take the reins,” says International Vapor Group’s President, David Epstein. “Eversmoke was a pioneer in Electronic Cigarette Technology as one of the first successful wholesale and retail e-cigarettes on the market. It’s been a highly visible trusted brand used by consumers and celebrities worldwide. However, after the shift in the industry with more focus on high end devices, we’re turning over to the leading company in vape technology, Vaporfi.”

Eversmoke will be manufactured and distributed under the widely popular and tech-savvy brand VaporFi. As a result, VaporFi will focus on advancing new product development while continuing to enhance its sales and marketing efforts with an emphasis on International expansion. “We’re highly-confident this will provide us a huge competitive advantage while enhancing our relationships with customers and partners,” says CFO Andrew Grey. “We remain 100% committed to delivering the same excellence as Eversmoke, therefore we will be introducing new products through the VaporFi brand as the most technologically advanced Vaporizers and E-Liquids on the market.”

About VaporFi: Called the ‘Starbucks of vaping’, VaporFi is one of the largest and most respected brands in the vape industry. VaporFi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc. (IVG), a leader in the vaporizer and e-liquid industry. IVG leads through manufacturing, distributing and marketing some of the biggest names of vaporizers and e-liquids, including VaporFi, DirectVapor, South Beach Smoke and MotleyBrew. In addition, there are 50 VaporFi retail and franchise locations throughout the US and growing. IVG understands the needs of customers and is on the cutting-edge of advanced vape technology and innovation.