“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”   I wonder if Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk had ignored this age old saying, would the world still spin on its axis?  My guess is it would, but the world in which we live would be a very, very different, and I imagine, a far less exciting place.  In creating greatness, trial must be endured, and that’s exactly what BO Vaping has undergone.  Trial.

Vaping is an industry that has taken the smoking world by storm and it has only done so in the last few years.  The exponential rate at which it has grown can be likened to that of the social media age, climbing and surpassing all expectations at almost daily propulsion.   When something grows that fast, it would be foolish not to expect bumps and hiccups along the way and many vape/ e-cig companies are experiencing just that; call them growing pains, if you will.  With BO Vaping in particular, a closed and non-refillable pod system, these pains existed in the form of leaky pods.   The word “existed” is the operative one here because BO Vaping have embraced these growing pains and have taken measures to rectify them.

In early 2016 manufacturer, JWELL, released several versions of the BO pods and flavors onto the US market. Ultimately, they partnered with a US e-liquid company to release what most people today know as BO. Throughout the last year they have encountered problems including leaky pods that would appear discolored or “burned.” Consumers would often experience e-liquid spit back while vaping.  To remedy this, JWELL is moving to a wide release of one of the exciting versions with its eight unique flavors: Vanilla Ice Cream, Butterscotch Tobacco, Raspberry Wafer, Melon, Bubble Gum, Gold Tobacco, Icy Mint and Lemonade, a different pod design and a far superior manufactured integrity.  This pod was ahead of its time then and is innovative, leak proof and sure to wow former BO users back into the fold.

The liquids are made from US ingredients and the pods are now manufactured and filled overseas in a new facility.   Going back to some popular flavors, all of which will be at the 5.0% Salt Nic. Level, it is easy to see that BO believes in the strength of their primary design.  Staying consistent with the 1.6mL pod, BO is the first to introduce a single pod pack which will retail for $3.99, along with the original BO One device that will be available from $19.99-$24.99.  In compliance with FDA regulations, warning labels and packaging has been reworked to promise clarity.  Overall, there will no longer be production of a “diluted” version of BO; rather consumers will be getting the actual product directly from the source.

So the next time you see a BO product and you read the label “BO is Better” you can bet that they are, but this time BO is better than ever.








-written by Bronagh Lawe

Bronagh Lawe graduated from Pace University in NYC with a BA in English Lit/ Writing