Denver, CO – Big Tobacco is serious about vaping. The $1.5 billion industry has taken the US by storm and now the VAPORiZE Expo is offering the business world anything and everything they need in relation to vaporzing.

Big Tobacco has embraced vaporizing rapidly and wholeheartedly in recent years. As the potential for significant financial gain has become clear, a huge range of vaping products has exploded onto the US marketplace (as well as elsewhere in the world).

A recent estimate from Wells Fargo Securities concluded that the open system vaporizer market now contributes more than $1.5 billion in the US. The figure is astonishing, given the infancy of the industry, and one can only imagine how much it will increase as the market matures.

Vaping’s shift into the limelight has led to some fantastic innovations. Retailers in Colorado, for example, have begun selling pre-packaged vaping concentrates, as smokers of tobacco continue their quest for a healthier method of consumption.

As the sector takes off, the VAPORiZE Expo is providing the perfect location for vendors of vaping products to showcase their wares, launch new products and make connections with buyers from across the country. The 2015 event will be part of the BIG Industry Show, which will focus on three central elements – vaping, smoke and glass – when it is held in Denver, Colorado on April 14-15.

The BIG Show already has an international reputation for being a market leader when it comes to innovations and new trends and so anticipation is already building for the VAPORiZE Expo. With vaping firmly entrenched in the show’s repertoire, it is the year’s must-attend event for anyone doing business in the vaporizing marketplace.

The sector’s leading annual business to business event, the 2015 VAPORiZE Expo will provide the perfect environment for business contacts to be forged, with everyone from tiny independent producers to mainstream online retailers attending, exhibiting, selling, networking and buying.

No other show will offer the breadth of vaporizing products that will be presented at the 2015 VAPORiZE Expo, with thousands of items available over the two days of the event. This booming industry will see business buyers flooding Denver as they look to be part of its future, with new ranges and trends due to be unveiled at the VAPORiZE Expo. Come April, Denver, Colorado will be the only place to be for all those with a connection to vaping.

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