FUMI E JUICE LOGO TRANSPARENTWhat makes the Fumi EJuice brand unique?

“Fumi” makes people smile. The brand name sounds like Fun because it is Fun. We chose it to remind everyone that vaping is magical wonderful. Fumi inspires our stores, our distributers and customers all over the world. Please simply share Fumi with your clients and Xperience the difference first hand.

What sets Fumi EJuice apart from other E-Juice brands?

Our flavor is long lasting and well balanced time after time. The quality is unmistakably on point, satisfying a vaper’s craving for an E-liquid that performs on a consistent basis. This is because our recipes are all unique with proprietary blends designed by our CEO/Founder. Our team is passionate about our craft and about Fumi’s mission. We have invested a great deal of time and effort designing an E-Liquid that satisfies Vapers from ages 18 to 70 and from every part of the world. We believe that the Vaping Movement wants a n E-liquid brand to lead by example.

What are the Fumi EJuice brand standards?

Fumi is made in North Hollywood, California. WE utilize Kosher, USP food grade materials. Our manufacturing environment meets ISO-7 standards. In addition, our manufacturing team employs a strict “made-to-order production philosophy” to ensure the freshest E-liquid possible. This is why it may take a few extra days longer to get your order compared to other brands, but it is a Quality Performance Value standard we demand of ourselves because your business deserves nothing less.

What makes the Fumi EJuice label special?

“Each Fumi bottle should be a work of art.” It is our intention to stimulate the customer’s creative imagination with each remarkable character the represent the flavor you taste. We chose each Fumi character to help us “connect” with our customers before they even Xperience our product. W e believe vaping is FUN, Xciting, Xpressive and Xtrodinary, so the bottle must reflect this belief.

What is the future of your business with Fumi Ejuice?

Our New Product Development Team is investing a tremendous amount of resources creating displays systems, products, and vaping solutions that will continue to connect with your vaping community as well as your tobacco smokers. As the Vaping Boom grows stronger, we want to become the brand that inspires tobacco smokers across the globe toward a better lifestyle. Vaping is not just good for your business, it is good for the prosperity of the entire planet.

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