San Francisco, CA – Genius Pipe has a new, and innovative personal smoking device they would like to share with smoke shop and head shop owners alike. Light, compact, and sleek; this pipe is constructed from anodized high grade aluminum and will make users rethink the way they smoke. The bowl is hidden under the magnetic cover making the device look as though it is derived from alien technology.

DSC_9205_1Dyan Ferman, V.P. of Sales for Genius Pipe, stated “This device allows the user to carry the pipe loaded in their pocket without fear of spills or other mishaps. Inside the pipe is a hidden and impressive patented technology that is derived from the same technology used to cool nuclear reactors. The cooling chamber running through the thin body of the pipe cools the smoke to room temperature, which protects the smoker’s lungs and throat from smoke irritation and also helps to prevent coughing. Because the smoke is cooled and cleaned of tar, users can take a full draw completely filling their lungs with smoke, and intensifying the effect.”

The pipe is extremely easy to clean. Just pull it apart, rub the inside surface with alcohol and snap it back together. Genius Pipe is a HOT item everyone is talking about and could easily become very popular in many smoke shops and head shops throughout the US with many genres of customers.

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