The New Vaporizer Pen is bringing high tech features to mini vape pens.

(Lake Forest, CA) – GotVape is leading the way in the Vape Products Industry in both high tech and safety-focused products with the LokiTouch. This vaporizer pen has the distinction of being the first touch screen vape ever created. And in an ever-growing marketplace concerned with safety, the LokiTouch’s auto-shutoff feature is designed with just that in mind.

The LokiTouch was created to lead the market in a new direction, with a focus on precision through technology. In addition to the touch screen, which gives the user an elevated level of control over their experience, the 30 second heat up time adds another level of convenience. The ceramic oven also has added heat grooves, which not only protect the user, but also add a level of comfort.

According to Marketing Director Joe Arellano, “We are very excited to introduce the LokiTouch, which is a very innovative and high tech product. At GotVape we look for products that will capture the attention of our customer with features made for ease of use, comfort and of course safety. The Loki Touch’s technology not only makes it a fun product to use, but one that keeps the user safe with the auto shutoff feature.”


Here are some of the highlights of the LokiTouch



  • Ceramic oven which cuts out the toxins
  • 30 second heat up time
  • Touch screen features
  • 45 minute continuous use before a recharge is needed



  • The Loki Touch is programmed with an automatic shut off feature after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Power Saving Mode:The unit will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Programmed with open circuit protection to prevent possible shock
  • Short circuit protection to prevent system shorting
  • Load open warnings with LED flashing warning lights 6 timesLoad Short Circuit protection with red LED flashing red light


The LokiTouch is only available at and can be ordered with 24 hour shipping.


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