Las Vegas, NV — GSD Marketing LLC has been chosen by Outlaw Dog e-liquid to conduct all pre- and post-launch marketing support. Outlaw Dog, a premium e-liquid vendor, is launching their new premium tobacco-flavored e-liquid line and needed a full-service marketing firm that specializes in the vape industry to help with all aspects of their product launch.

“When Outlaw Dog approached us,” says Angela Arnold, VP of Marketing for GSD Marketing, “they needed someone to ‘grab the bull by the horns’ and provide them with a comprehensive pre-launch marketing plan, implement and manage the product launch, and supply post-launch support.”

GSD Marketing provided Outlaw Dog with their entire branding package, from logo design and in-store marketing materials, to ad creation and placement in national magazines. Additionally, GSD worked with trusted third-party suppliers to provide Outlaw Dog with their entire Internet presence, from designing and launching their ecommerce website and business automation platforms, to managing all aspects of Internet advertising and social media platforms.

Outlaw Dog has developed “vintage tobacco flavors using modern crafting techniques, with 3 amazing flavors: Rybecca, Cowmel, and Bandero. To contact Outlaw Dog E-liquid, call 702-907-8273, or email [email protected], or visit their website

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