Eyce mold wide

Denver, CO – Eyce Molds releases a new, and innovative smoking device that just might change the water pipe game, as smokers know it. This revolutionary new silicone mold creates fully functional, airtight water pipes formed from ice. Made from high quality food grade FDA approved materials, the Eyce Mold water pipe gives users a smoking sensation unlike anything ever experienced.

Charlie Hoch, Owner and CO-Inventor of the Eyce Mold, stated, “Just fill, freeze, and enjoy. No more do users have to worry about their expensive glass breaking, or having to deal with the hassle of cleaning. With Eyce, you always have a fresh, cold water pipe waiting for you in the freezer. Our patent pending technology makes creating your own ice water pipes at home so easy and user friendly, that once you take your first massive pull, you will be left asking yourself, what the heck took so long for a product like this to hit the market?”

The water pipe is extremely easy to use, and because the ice eventually melts away, it can be stored and traveled with around the world. Eyce Molds are a HOT item around college campuses and are taking the social networks by storm. This product could easily become one of the most popular items in smoke shops and head shops throughout the US, Canada, and worldwide.

For more information on Eyce Molds, or to inquire about carrying this product please visit http://www.eycemolds.com or email Charlie at [email protected]. You may also visit Eyce Molds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at http://www.instagram.com/eycemolds  http://www.facebook.com/eycemolds http://www.twitter.com/eycemolds .