It’s no secret that vaping is the hottest new trend among many different demographics the world throughout, but what has been kept secret, until now, is the Bo Closed System Electronic Cigarette that is rapidly surpassing all competition.

A “Closed System” Device refers to a specific type of Electronic Cigarette device that uses an E-Liquid reservoir that is both non-refillable and disposable.  This allows for the 1.6 mls flavor pods to be easily swapped out with its user friendly design, giving the user a number of flavor options.  Bo offers this type of variety with its revolutionary design.

Also bringing Bo beyond its competitors is the innovative use of Salt Based Nicotine.   With the strength of 35mg in the pods, Salt Nicotine E- Cigs provide a more authentic experience for users as it metabolizes 200 times faster than standard nicotine based products.  This coupled with the closed circuit design make for a higher level of nicotine at a far smoother level of delivery for the consumer.

Other specs that hold Bo above the rest include its level 380 MAH versus 200 MAH and 145 MAH offered by the competition.  Charge time for Bo products is a mere 15 minutes, while other products expect consumers to wait anywhere from 25-90 minutes for their products to charge.  Bo also offers more liquid in the pods at 1.6 ml versus just 0.7-1.0 mls by the competition.  And the major factor that sets Bo products apart from all the rest is the Lifetime Warranty which is not offered by ANY OTHER E-Cig product on the market.  For the past 3 months, Bo has been the United States’ Best-Selling Closed System E-Cig brand and outsells competitors 2.8 to 1 with a lifetime warranty that is handled by the Manufacturer/Master Distributor, and not by the retailer.

Bo Vaping Devices are designed in France while the E-Liquid within the pods is manufactured in the United States, making it one of the most superior in quality as well as design and functionality.

Confident and proud of its product, Bo is looking to make a major push in the U.S. Market for 2018 by announcing their distribution agreement with powerhouse MMS Distribution LLC of New York.  MMS Distribution CEO Christopher Fiumara has stated, “MMS Distribution is extremely excited to have the Bo in their portfolio, and we are looking to expand the product into an additional 20,000 stores by year end,” projecting that the Bo vaping system will be the most recognized device of its kind.  Fiumara has also stated that MMS Distribution commits to an investment of 70 million dollars for the Bo Product in 2018 which will create a behemoth buzz to introduce all excited Vapers to the best product on the market.

We stand behind our product 100% and provide the end user with a Lifetime-Warranty.  Our Warranty Program eliminates returns at the store level, and give the user peace of mind.  Our goal at Bo is to bring new customers into our ecosystem and to retain them with our Ease of Use, Lifetime-Warranty, and Strong Loyalty Program.  If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use tobacco alternative, then Bo is the right choice for you.

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