Founded in 2009. With over 6 months of research & development, introducing our high VG vapor liquids with luxurious 5 star restaurant flavor profiles inspired by world class master chefs & designed for 2015’s high powered devices. Produced with the same high standards that you have come to know and love from Worlds Finest Vapors; all natural, no synthetics, 100% USA Made.

The Master Chef Collection Product

The art of masterful creations that blend passion, dedication and creativity, integrated with technique that bursts into an incredible kaleidoscope of flavors.

Proven Quality and Loyal Customers Are a Solid Bet For Your Business—

  • Pharmaceutical Grade (PG/VG/Nicotine)
  • No Synthetics, No Overseas Sources

  • Natural Flavor Extracts (FDA GRAS)

  • Validated Formulas Engineered By Scientists

  • Endorsed by celebrities! Learn more at:
  • Over a third of our retail customers come from referrals and another third are repeat customers
  • No ash and no tar, just clean, smooth taste from natural extracts produced in an ISO Certified laboratory/manufacturing facility

So how do you get started? Unmatched Marketing, Product Training, and Customer Service Assistance Make Doing Business With Us a Snap—

  • Dedicated representatives for each wholesale customer
  • Large-Scale production capability (over 100K/month) ensures fresh product will always be available to you (7-10 day delivery depending on volume)
  • Staff product training
  • Executive level business coaching
  • Multi-channel marketing resources, including web design, branding and vapor approved credit card processing resources

Can’t wait to get started?  Neither can we! Call us today at (310) 212-3111
or email us at [email protected]. See the collection at