Hartland, WI – On August 8, 2016, the vaping industry witnessed a market freeze; no new products can be introduced for sale unless approved by FDA through their pre-market tobacco application (PMTA) process. This market freeze includes any change in current formulas as well.


This doesn’t mean the end of new flavors on our website though. We’re excited to announce that you can now grab over 30 new flavors on our website, JCVC.com and expect more bands on a consistent basis.

To meet FDA Regulations, these flavors are not new to the market, but they are new to Johnson Creek. They come from brands that meet our quality standards. These first-class brands include Ethos Vapors, Hometown Hero, Ripe Vapes, Lifted Liquids, Wisconsin Dairy Co., and more.

This is the start of a new and very exciting program through Johnson Creek Vapor Company. Every month we will be adding carefully selected brands to JCVC.com and we invite you to shop a website filled with new e-liquid brands from companies who maintain the highest-level of quality anywhere in the world!

About Johnson Creek
Johnson Creek™ Enterprises is a pioneer in the vaping industry that produces American-made e-liquid out of Hartland, Wisconsin. Known as a leader in quality and safety, the company was founded in 2008 by Christian Berkey after he was unable to find e-liquid produced within the United States. It was also the first company to use child-safety caps/shrink wraps on every bottle, nicotine warnings/ingredient lists on every label, and website requested age verification.