For the Month of February 2015 JJuice has launched its flagship product line, the JJuice Juice Bar that allows vapers to mix and match both flavors and nicotine strengths safely and easily in smoke shops and vapor stores.  The JJuice Juice Bar utilizes large and attractive pre mixed bottles of e-liquid in a variety of flavors to allow customers to mix their own unique e-liquid blends.  Additionally, all Juice Bar flavors are offered in two strengths—18mg and 0mg—that allow customers to accurately mix and measure the amount of nicotine they wish to vape.


JJuice created the Juice Bar to meet the needs of shop owners who are looking for ways to capitalize on the ever expanding e-liquid market.  Specifically designed with shop owner margins in mind, the Juice Bar delivers both value and profitability.  Because JJuice saves on manufacturing costs, they are able to pass those saving on and sell the e-liquid at a huge discount, thus allowing owners to retain profits normally lost in the wholesale costs associated with finished bottled units.

The JJuice Juice Bar makes life easy for shop owners to stay ahead of the competition.  “With the proliferation of different companies and flavors to keep track of, JJuice’s Juice Bar gives shop owners an extremely profitable, unique, and customizable product line that their customers will love and come back for time and time again,” said Joe Deighan, President of JJuice.

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