Largo, FL – While Vape companies across the US are feeling the heat from the FDA’s breath beating down their necks and looking for ways to leave this market, Lizard Juice is expanding at record speed.

Gary Wilder has had one mission since founding Lizard Juice in 2011, “Changing lives, one person at a time,” and he will continue to fight for the health of the American public and against Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and the government they bribe.

“Alexander the Great once gave orders to his men to burn their own boats” Gary states, “and with the only means of retreat gone, he turned to his men and said, “We go home in Persian ships, or we perish” and that is what we have done.”  He continues “I started this company to offer a choice to people, a healthier choice, and will do everything in my power to continue to change peoples’ lives.”

It is during difficult times like this that the true American spirit reveals itself. In the face of uncertainty, Lizard Juice has implemented a bold plan for exponential growth.  They recently completed construction of a larger, fully automated clean room to meet increased customer demand for juice bottled in their state of the art facility and have begun installation of new CGMP software required by the FDA for the PMTA process and to comply with ISO 9901 manufacturing standards.

While other companies have made the decision to give up, Lizard Juice isn’t planning on going anywhere. Lizard Juice continues to expand manufacturing and prepares for PMTA’s. Lizard Juice is not only complying, but fighting! If you have the same American Spirit join us. We will be the one with the American on the bottle.