San Jose, CA –  An Original 420 Brand™ must have product for growers, the DeBudder Bucket Lid™ (patent pending), conceived and developed by owner Wade Atteberry, shipped to retailers 100 days from concept.  A major International Distributor bought half of our first production run virtually sight-unseen. Over 7,000 units were sold in the first three weeks alone! Undeniable evidence of what a revolutionary impact the DeBudder Bucket Lid™ is making to cannabis growers small and large. Retails at only $29.99!

DeBudder Bucket Lid™ Saves Labor Costs
The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ is as simple as it is innovative, and is guaranteed to make the harvesting process unbelievably more efficient for growers.  On average, it can reduce harvesting labor and actual time involved by up to 80% over ANY current debudding methods.  Time is money in more ways than one at harvest time.  1-day trim time versus 3-day trim time means fresher bud-to-bucket.   The DeBudder simple design allows display-to-use in literally seconds.  Virtually no training!  An introductory video email of the DeBudder was sent to an extensive list of hydroponic shop owners with shocking response.  Nearly half of those who saw the video immediately placed presale orders.

“This is one of the best inventions I have seen hit the market!”  –Ricky, Owner, RASA Hydroponics, San Jose, CA 

Original 420 Brand™ DeBudder Bucket Lid™ is the most revolutionary harvesting product to ever hit the market! Not only does the DeBudder leave their competitors in the dust, but the DeBudder Bucket Lid™ will pay for itself the first time you use it!  Original 420 Brand™ DeBudder Bucket Lid™ is a “must-have” for all types of cannabis growers from small indoor grows to the largest scale operations.  The cannabis industry will never be the same!

Thanks AGAIN, Original 420 Brand™!


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