The Vapor Saver Preserves Investment and Expands Portability of Vaporizers

DENVER, CO – Launching at Cannabis Cup Denver, April 18 to 20, The Vapor Saver is a patented protective case designed to prevent damage to vaporizers from impact, water and debris. Creating an encapsulating shell around a vapor pen, the Vapor Saver is a first in class product that shields vaporizers.

The Vapor Saver protects a vaporizer from snow, ice, water, dirt, dust, mud, sand and impact on hard surfaces, thus preserving the investment in the device and as well as any concentrates, herbs and liquids contained within. The case expands the portability and potential use of vapor devices to environments which may not be compatible with electronic use due to potential damaging or weather hazards.

“Much like the functionality of a protective cell phone case, we have created an airtight casing that will protect the investment in a vapor device from contamination,” said Joey Doyle, the inventor of The Vapor Saver. “The Vapor Saver truly expands the nature and enjoyment of a vaping experience, because it eliminates any fear of damage,” he continued.

The Vapor Saver was developed by Vapor Nature, an emerging technology firm based in Longmont, Colorado. Initially, it will be available online at and at select retail outlets.

The Vapor Saver case includes a hood that covers and seals off the mouthpiece, reservoir and atomizer portions of a vaporizer. A handle region covers the remaining portions of the vaporizer and forms an airtight seal. A check valve over the mouthpiece only opens when the operator takes a drag from the vaporizer. There is a flexible pad over the activation button of the vaporizer allows an operator to activate the vaporizer while it is still inside the case. An optional lanyard is included to enable ease of carrying.

“I have been involved with many product development projects over the years, and this product idea and the sleek design make it one of the best potential products I have ever seen. The Vapor Saver targets a dynamic, emerging market. The weather and drop resistant design along with a big time “Cool Factor” combine to make this an awesome new product,” said Ron Angstead, President and CEO of Rapid Pro, the manufacturer of The Vapor Saver.

The Vapor Saver is appearing in booth #Z7 (Pavilion) with manufacturer RapidPro at the 3rd Annual US Cannabis Cup Denver 2015 at the Denver Mart, April 18‐20, 2015. For additional information, about The Vapor Saver, visit

About Vapor Nature
Vapor Nature, based in Longmont, CO, is the creator of The Vapor Saver and operator of the online outlet As the vaporizing market continues to grow, Vapor Nature is constantly evolving and adapting its product offerings to enhance user experience and the vapor device industry.