At, our specialty is hand crafting your coils specific to YOUR needs.  Although we have stock listed in our “Products” category on our website, we shine at making custom, one of a kind coils built specifically for your particular setup.  We currently offer Aliens, Staples, Framed Staples, Caterpillar Tracks, Fused Claptons, Mirror polished, and many more styles.  We even offer 3 different levels of coil assortment packs.  We also carry numerous types of wicking materials, as well as the full Dotmod line of products.

Alien Coils was started out of my love (obsession?) of making high quality, hand crafted vaper’s coils.  All of these coils are forged of wires smelted by the Sandvik Company in Sweden and milled in the USA.  Sandvik milled wire is some of the purest wire available globally.  There are no cheap quality Chinese or Greek wire alloys being used, which can alter, and sometimes even ruin, the flavor and quality of your vape.

Cat Track Coils

To view some of our “Coil Porn”, look us up on Instagram: @PureCoils.  Use coupon code “SV10” at to receive 10% off of your entire order!  Wholesale inquiries welcome.  For more information, call 508.963..8218, or email [email protected], or visit