purr_logoRun it over with a car or beat it with a hammer, but Purr2Go remains indestructible! Purr2Go is the newest, most innovative American made pipe to hit the market. Using injection molding technology, it is made of 100% BPA free, medical grade, high heat resistant, and shatter resistant polycarbonate. The fully modular design allows the chamber and mouthpiece to separate for easy cleaning and transport. Paired with a removable glass downstem, glass bowl, domeless grade 2 titanium nail, and a neoprene travel sleeve, Purr2Go is a smoking device of the highest value. Purr2Go is the perfect product for the on-the-go, active, or clumsy consumer. The added bonus? It even comes fully packaged for added appeal.

Purr is a Los Angeles based boutique glass manufacturer specializing in American made bubblers and smoking products since 2003. An exclusive California brand until 2012, Purr has since entered the national and international market. Their mission is to provide quality, American made products for the people. Purr’s original designs have become industry standards and include styles such as the scientific hammer, scientific sherlock, and scientific double chamber. Purr continues to develop innovative products that influence the ever changing landscape of the smoking industry.

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