Miami, FL – RYOT® has just released what many are calling the Swiss Army knife of the booming 420 market – or as RYOT® calls it in simple terms- the RYOT® Utility tool.


This new tool has everything a dabber or herb smoker needs. Whether it be poking, scraping, dabbing, scooping, cutting, grinding, drinking or anything that having the right tool makes all the difference, this new sleek forged stainless steel RYOT® Utility Tool is guaranteed to provide its owner everything they need for a long and handy life. The hardened stainless steel lightweight construction can easily be carried around in your pocket and host a variety of useful essential tools for everyone.

R-MULTI-Detail 2

As an additional bonus, the tool comes with a slick silicone case with a built in wax storage jar.  The RYOT® guys really thought this one through and there is no mistake this will soon be a household item!

For more information, contact RYOT® at 866-420-0420.  You may also email them at [email protected], or visit their website