Scent Bomb air freshener is blowing up the smoke shop and convenience store world! This concentrated air freshener is made from 100% pure oil which makes it both long lasting and pure smelling. Once you try one you will be hooked! Just a couple sprays on the floor mat of your car or into a trash can will keep the area smelling fresh for days! Scent Bomb air freshener comes in over 30 fragrances and is available in 7-Eleven’s and car wash locations across the country. You can visit to try one for yourself, or call us at 949.421.3000 to find out more regarding wholesale distribution.

New from Scent Bomb is our Smoke & Odor Eliminator. This product was specially formulated with triple enzyme technology that will actually dissolve odor and not just cover it up with fragrance. It works instantly to remove the smell of smoke from your body and clothes. Simply spray the product onto your clothes or hair and it works on contact. The product is perfect to use right before heading in for a big meeting, or when you are headed home to see the family. STOP SMELLING LIKE SMOKE! Try Scent Bomb Smoke & Odor Eliminator today!!
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