Los Angeles, CA – Shakepop E-liquids proudly released a premium milkshake line of flavors that is quickly impacting the vaping industry on a worldwide scale. The Shakepop line, being distributed across the Asia, European and US markets, consists of 3 sweet creamy flavors: Strawb, Ba Nana, and Melon. Strawb shake, a staple in any milkshake, capturing the classic Diner treat that everyone salivates for, comes through just how you expect, sweet, fresh and always satisfying. Ba Nana Shake, a flavor that is instantly recognizable over any other fruit, has an aroma that is especially apparently on the exhale, making it an e-liquid that is in a class all its own. Last and certainly not least is Melon Shake, a honeydew melon milkshake, is especially different, yet pleasant, experience. These fruits combined with the sweet creamy texture of a velvety shake, Shakepop E-Liquids have definitely nailed on the head what adds complexity to seemingly simple flavors. Shakepop has done extensive developing of these premium flavors in coordination with The Schwarts, makers of Naked 100, an established and respected manufacturer in the Vaping Community. Ask your local shop about all three delicious flavors of Shakepop’s Premium E-Liquids, that have somehow won over the palates not only fruity flavor finatics , as well as desert aficionados alike.


Shakepop is distributed, designed, and bottled proudly in the Los Angeles area. For any wholesale inquiries and pricing you can contact them at [email protected]. To what see Shakepop’s all about check out, and to also place orders their site is