SLX Grinders, known for their Never Stick ceramic coating has introduced 3 NEW colors to their distinguished looking product line:

Yellow Gold, Leaf Green and Purple Haze.

Incorporating the exclusive SLX non-stick coating (No Teflon – No PTFE!) the new colors will give a bright look to your display counter. In addition to their great looking original colors:  Charcoal Grey, Silver Metallic, Black Metallic, and Champagne Gold, this new color lineup will be sure to catch your customer’s eye!

The SLX ceramic coatings are completely different from conventional anodized coatings. They never stick and never need cleaning guaranteeing customer satisfaction. In addition, if any part fails under normal use they will send a replacement at no charge. Be sure to visit their wholesale page and get your order in today!

SLX Never Sticks Grinders
www.slxgrinders.com/wholesale-store/  (wholesale)
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