The surge in sales due to to the rise of medical and recreational cannabis use continues as does the chance for smoke shops to provide their customers with the ancillary products they’re looking for.

The Harvest Tools Countertop Unit from Wholesale Harvest Supply was specifically designed to support cross market sales for smoke shops.

“It’s harvest season for somebody, all year round.” That’s our motto and chances are, the customers coming in to your store are cultivating or trimming cannabis and will appreciate the chance to purchase a new pair of snips or a 5 pack of turkey bags while purchasing other items.

The Harvest Tools Countertop contains our most popular, best-selling tools by some of the top name brands in the industry. This small yet mighty unit packs a big profit-margin punch while retaining a small physical footprint.


The Harvest Tools Countertop Display features brands that customers prefer and trust. It includes a well rounded selection of scissors and snips from FiskarsTM, The Green Scissor, Clauss and 420 Sharp. For scissor clean-up, there’s Scissor Scrubber by Harvest-More and in the turkey bag category, the unit features Turkey Bags by The Green Scissor.

You get excellent wholesale pricing without having to meet high minimum quantity order requirements. The cost of the revolving pegboard unit is included in the price. This unit boasts a 100% retail mark up — the profits are plentiful and the product selection is well rounded.

The Harvest Tools Countertop Unit is available now through Wholesale Harvest Supply. New accounts and more info online at PH 877.636.3610