Albuquerque NM – Tasty Puff LLC has given their wholesale customers the opportunity to offer two new drip juice themes for buyers who are craving something new. Including Apothix; with bewitching flavors that include:

  • Wolfs Blood (amaretto, cognac & orange flavor)
  • Snap Dragon (guava, strawberry, honey & bouquet flavor)
  • Warlock (sarsaparilla, lemon-line & apricot flavor)
  • Black Magik (blackberry & apricot flavor)
  • Belladonna (honeydew & bloom flavor)
  • Absinthe (anise& herbal flavor)

These exotic flavor combination experiences are sure to intrigue and inspire.

Also added to the spectacular Tasty Puff Lineup is Sweet Deelites with these playful flavors:

  • Frooty Hoops
  • Sinnamon Toast Cereal
  • Birthday Cake
  • Rocky Road
  • Banana Cream Pie
  • Rainbow Drops

These flavors are high demand! Give them what they want from the brand they trust.

About Tasty Puff
Tasty Puff has been manufacturing quality flavoring in the USA since 1999. The flavoring is made from extracts to produce high quality concentrate that can be used to flavor anything from hookah to tobacco; and can be also be used as an e-juice enchancer. The flavoring quickly became a staple item for smoke shops and manufacturers. Just as the e-juice market started to boom, Tasty Puff eased into the production of an e-juice line to add to their impressive list of products. Tasty Puff caters to Wholesale Distributors, Manufacturers, Retail Locations and International Companies; with options for every business platform.