Albuquerque, NM – Tasty Puff is proud to introduce new additions to their product line in October 2014. The company that has been manufacturing the best flavor in the industry for 15 years is constantly creating innovative ways to support the fast growing e-juice industry and thrive amongst their competitors.

A bold new flavor has hit the shelves, Turkish Bold to be exact. – This flavor boasts a bold tobacco note, and many are pleased with the flavor, calling it “as close to a real cigarette as you can get.”

48-pack-frontThe Turkish Bold e-juice is available in the original 12 ml bottle as well as the new 30 ml bottle. All of the deliciously blended Tasty Puff e-juice flavors are now available in the 30 ml size. These larger bottles are sold in packs of 4. You can purchase a Sample Pack that consists of 4 each of 16 flavors, and it comes with a free acrylic display in which to house
them in plus a free 16 ft flag for the outside of your shop.

Tasty Puff’s new 48 pack cardboard display contains the top selling 8 Tasty Puff e-juice flavors in a compact and eye-catching display. The 48 pack is perfect for convenience stores and vape shops alike. The unique design of the
display takes up very little counter space, and is a slam dunk POS. The display is available in 0, 10, or 21 mg. with the option of the 12 ml or 30 ml bottle size. The 30 ml pack will consist of 32 bottles. The design of the display is absolutely amazing!

If you are in the business of manufacturing and you are in need of bulk packaged Tasty Puff flavor, you will now be able to purchase over 200 flavors in 8 oz bottles. The flavor has been engineered for inhaling. Unlike many of it’s competitors flavoring products, Tasty Puff flavor does not contain many of the fillers and additives used for food and candy manufacturing.
Tasty Puff has something for everyone, from manufacturers to the end consumer, and everyone in between. They are the “grand daddy” of companies in the Smoke, Vape, and Head Shop community, and their experience in the industry is priceless.

Tasty Puff would like the vaping community to know that they are here to support the movement in any way that they can. They don’t want to be seen as a competitor to e-juice manufacturers. On the contrary, Tasty Puff can supply your company with the BEST flavor, high quality nicotine, PG and VG, private label services, and bulk e-juice.