Tea Vape Co. was launched in June/July of 2016 with the goal of providing unique tea based flavors to the market. Most flavors are blends of tea and fruit flavors to provide a refreshing and tasty vape. Tea Vape Co. launched with 3 flavors of the main lineup; Lemon Pomegranate Iced Tea, Cucumber Mint Green Tea, & Blood Orange Chai Tea. In early August the additional Palmer (think Arnold Palmer – tea & lemonade) lineup was added with 2 flavors; Lavender Palmer, & Mango Peach Palmer. All of the flavors offer delicious and unique  Tea Vape Co. is based out of the Denver, CO area, and utilizes an ISO 7 lab contract manufacturer, with much experience manufacturing for other e-liquid lines. This decision was made to ensure quality, GMPs, and other standards and coming regulations are either met or exceeded. All of the e-liquids are a 70VG/30PG mix and come in 30ml bottles with Dripper Tops (GCC and CRC). The main lineup comes in black bottles and the palmer lineup come in white bottle with white dripper tops, these help the bottles with aesthetic appeal and to stand out on the shelf more than a traditional clear glass bottle.


Tea Vape Co. is accepting wholesale inquires and sample requests. You can requests samples on our website: teavapeco.com under the Wholesale tab or by directly emailing: [email protected]. MOQ starts at a low 3 bottles, and wholesale pricing starts at $8.50 and quickly goes down with 6 staggered price tiers for further discounts with higher volume orders, can go as low as $6 per bottle with wholesale orders of 360 bottles or more. MSRP is $18-20 to fit in with standard premium e-liquid pricing for 30ml glass bottles and help ensure retailers can make at least 55% or better margins

Tea Vape Co. will be exhibiting at the Vapor Dynasty Expo shows in November 2016 for AZ and January 2017 for San Antonio, TX, if you plan on attending or may be in the area, please stop on by our booth. Will be looking to attend more trade shows into the future. Please visit the website teavapeco.com  or email for further info or sample requests.

[email protected], 720.401.7994, teavapeco.com